日本には北から南まで様々な気候があります、そこには様々な人達の暮らしが有ります、 そして数多くのすばらしいロケーションが存在します。



I coordinate the location of commercial photography of TV-CM, a still, etc. 
 A life of various people is shown in there where various climates from north to south are in Japan, and much wonderful locations exist.
I will offer the highest location suitable for the purpose of taking a photograph in Japan.




Exact on-site correspondence according to the contents of a work.
In given conditions, such as time and a budget, I strive to the utmost to be able to fulfill the hope of a client, and the opinion of the photography staff. Moreover, although it is various, such as use area, a charge, time, etc. which has a rule also in a location site, not all are allowed also the charge. Adjustment is aimed at as much as possible with the location spot persons concerned, and exact on-site correspondence is aimed at.





Management space
 It is the place allowed photography use by Mr. Owner's cooperation. Since the original purpose of use is not an object for photography, there is also a place with restrictions, such as an hour of use, a power supply and a parking lot, but if a schedule suits, a fresh and realistic scene can be photographed.
※There is also a place which is refraining from printing for private information proctection.
※Also when it cannot show around depending on the contents of photography, or a scale, be.

※Moreover, it may be unable to be used according to situations, such as the owner's convenience.